Biomedical Electronics Lab Vision

In the fifty years since the invention of integrated circuits, optimizations to increase the computing power of these devices have shrunk the size of transistors to gate lengths less than 100nm, increased the number of transistors per chip to up to the hundreds of millions, and increased the operating speed of transistors to over 100 GHz. These advances have made integrated circuits a powerful technology for biomedical instrumentation. Sensor and actuator elements smaller than the cells with which they interface can be built out of multiple miniature transistors. Millions of these sensors can then be combined and individually addressed in the same way memory works in a computer.

In addition to using direct electrical interactions between silicon and cells, the Biomedical Electronics Lab (BEL) leverages recent advances in biology and chemistry using fluorescence based sensors. Biologists have developed and continue to develop genetically engineered animals that express any of a number of fluorescent proteins in a subset of the animals cells. At the same time, chemists are developing fluorescence probes that can be injected into wild-type animals to label proteins or enzyme activity. We are designing a new class of instruments to enable new experiments using these powerful tools.


Salthouse elevated to IEEE Senior Member, June 25, 2014

Shanmugam presents paper titled 'Microfluidics on CMOS' at the 225th Electrochemical Society Meeting in Orlando, Florida, May 14, 2014

Salthouse presents paper titled 'Lensless Fluorescence Imaging Systems to Measure Surface Sample flow' Sensors' at the Electrochemical Society in Orlando, Florida, May 13, 2014

Salthouse presents on 'Multi-Domain Processing for Micropower Sensors' at the Electrochemical Society in Orlando, Florida, May 12, 2014 (Invited talk)

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Salthouse presents paper titled 'Digital-to-time converter for fluorescence lifetime imaging' at the Instrument and Measurement Technology Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 9, 2013

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Salthouse presents paper titled 'Miniaturized On-Sensor Fluorescence Flow Cytometer' at IEEE sensors, Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 28, 2012

Salthouse presents paper on '3D Lensless Fluorescence Imaging' at the Instrument and Measurement Technology Conference, Graz, Austria, May 13, 2012

Salthouse presents paper titled 'Lensless fluorescence Imaging of Flowing Beads in Microfluidics' at the 221st Electrochemical Society Meeting, Seattle, Washington, May 6, 2012

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